• Jessica Richmond

Interview on Vedic Psychology

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

This week I spent a lovely hour with my longtime friend, Dr. Josh, an expert acupuncturist in Tucson, Arizona, who interviewed me on Vedic Psychology. I share many secrets about how the ancient yogis of India see the mind, that my guru, Babaji has taught me over the years.

Learn the answers to these questions, which are revealed in the interview:

  • What is the difference between Vedic Psychology and Western Psychology?

  • Why do we have blind spots?

  • How do you view the mind? What are our minds doing?

  • Why do we seek out painful relationships again and again, despite how traumatizing it is?

  • Does time really heal all wounds?

  • What are some simple tips on how to work with your emotions?

  • Do we get attracted to painful relationships because we are trying to heal?

  • How does karma work in a relationship?

  • Are relationships even possible?

I hope that you will find a good nugget that can somehow help you in your life.


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