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Nurturing Your Inner Child Retreat

Dec 4-6, 2020

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In Indian culture, the mother is worshipped for her importance in raising a child to be a happy, healthy, compassionate, harmonious member of society. Mother is considered the first guru because of this profound impact she makes on shaping the child's personality. Because most mothers did not go to school or get any formal training to become a mother, most children did not get what they needed when they were kids. This is because many mother's did not know how to validate and nurture their children's feelings. Our mothers may have inadvertently made us doubt ourselves, our beauty, our personality, our likes and dislikes, and our feelings. As adults, this results in us feeling insecure and needy. This causes us to go through life ignoring and repressing our needs and feelings, while relying on others to notice and validate us. This is at the root of codependency. The good news is that we can learn to love, validate, nurture and care for ourselves through inner child work. It is possible to get out of those familiar old feelings of loneliness and not-good-enoughness. You can break free from being desperate for other people's love, attention, approval and affection. Join us for three days of discovering and nurturing your inner child.


Please join your guides, Babaji and Jessica, for a 3-day retreat on nurturing your inner child. Babaji will be teaching the group by sharing ancient secrets from yogic texts and his own personal childhood experiences of what a mother's love is and what it is not. Jessica will guide the group in discussions and practical exercises of getting to know and nurture your inner child. Gain new insights that will be supportive in taking care of your inner child so you can come from a place of confidence and self-love.

DATES: DEC 4 - 6

Lecture and group therapy.

· Fri, Dec 4th 10:00am – 12:00pm EST

· Sat, Dec 5th 10:00am – 12:00pm EST

· Sun, Dec 6th 10:00am – 12:00pm EST


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December VIP Session - $200

Register for an optional one-hour private therapy session with Babaji and Jessica together helping you look at the issue you would like to discuss. Get the viewpoint of a guru and a therapist in this intensive session that is sure to give you a breakthrough in your thinking. Availability limited. Sessions will be booked on a first come first served basis.


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